What was your impression of the Blueacorn PPP Process?

Derek L: What’s up, y’all? Good morning, Blueacorn completely changed my life man, It really helped me out. Nobody. Everybody was turning me down because I’m a young black guy with no credit and no prior history, and they really helped me get all my documents together. I know a lot of people have a lot of questions about “”Are they legit company?”” But they are. Y’all, I’m living it. Thank you.

Derek L: I definitely would recommend Blueacorn to friend. And I have recommended them to multiple friends, And they have also been approved through Blueacorn. They’re really out here helping folks man, It’s a real company. It’s a real thing. And they’re really helping people like me. Sweaty… old… just worked out normal me. Thank you.

Elvin M’s Blueacorn PPP Review

Elvin M: Hello. I recommend I would to use Blueacorn because it’s extremely friendly for use and I use other platforms, but I never finished the application because it’s too hard to fill. But Blueacorn is easy, I recommend to my friends, and all of theirs are complete. Very easily and have good success.

Would you recommend Blueacorn to a friend?

Elvin M: Hello. I could recommend Blueacorn because Blueacorn working for me and, my friends, I make recommendations for my friends and Blueacorn is working for them too. payday loans online same day no credit check It’s very easy to use. Thank you.”

Sarah O’s Blueacorn PPP Review

Sarah O: Hi. I just want to share my experience with Blueacorn. They are tremendously awesome. Um, I just want to say that a lot of people thought that they were a scam, and I personally can tell you for myself, they are not a scam. Um, the ones that are saying that they are a scam, it’s because they either did not provide the proper information and did not do their application correctly. But unfortunately, being a black owned business trying a new company out, um, I had no issues. Um, the process was, well smooth. And I can honestly tell you they are phenomenal company who is actually one of the best that I have dealt with. So big kudos to Blueacorn, I give them a 10. If I could rate them any further, I would give them a million stars.

Would you recommend Blueacorn to a friend?

Sarah O: I would definitely recommend Blueacorn, too plenty of friends, which I have already done. Um I don’t understand what the holdup is, If you have not got a hold of Blueacorn What are you waiting for? They are the best.”

Small Business Owner’s Blueacorn PPP Review

Small Business Owner: Hello. So I’m here to talk a little bit about Blueacorn, and I am a small business owner. And I use this little beautiful application Easy application to get my PPP loan approved and paid in a couple of days. When I told you that it was fast, it was easy. The customer service was great. It was beyond expectations. Thank you again for all the help for updating me every single day and just being with me every step of the way and helping me to get this loan to help my business. I also help people out with the business loans, and I definitely tell them Use Blueacorn. There are other ones out there who would frustrate you, make the application process more ridiculously harder than its supposed to be. Some of them don’t reply you, but Blueacorn is very, very user friendly. Easy to apply. Easy to understand. They help you literally every step of the way. So use Blueacorn, tell a friend to tell a friend. I got that information and that’s how I was able to get my loan. And you might just be the next person too. Blueacorn!

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