Lastly, i personally use twitter to deepen associate interactions and market my products/services to customers

artbizness a€“ for my situation it is a few things. i) opportunity away from work to cure burnout (re: your own final weblog ii) Poetic linguistic exercise

johntunger a€“ the social/water cooler part of twitter can also be beneficial to creatives because limited. check-in, then back again to work.

ianshepherd a€“ I read it more break fast in the place of a papers. It really is really made t’internet about 100% considerably fascinating personally

LakeMartinVoice a€“ 4 bloggers maybe Twitter = liner notes to document / describe considerably fully a blog post, i actually do this on lakemartinvoice

I personally use twitter to hook up to anyone outside my personal recent community a€“ group I probably wouldn’t be able to reach or else. I have additionally found many big tools are shared indeed there, which broadens my personal horizons and promotes my personal imaginative juices. For me, it really is an all-around perfect social media appliance.

My personal earliest complete year on twitter I grossed $30k in revenues that i really could directly attribute to my activity on twitter. I am a loyal consumer from the time. Lisa Robbin Younger

Adhere Mark on Twitter

I managed to get my personal ny literary agent via my on the web program such as social media sites a€“ she is utilizing my personal twitter appropriate included in the pitch to conventional editors for my guides, and section of precisely why she review my manuscript ended up being considering an intro from some body I fulfilled on twitter.

I’d say twitter drives the system of countless what I would and helps to create the start of the connections with allowed me to become a fulltime author-entrepreneur. Joanna Penn

We dispersed development of my events, on line characteristics and new jobs, connect to additional creatives and inventive systems. The news that I sign up for in Twitter drives my creative jobs.

I assisted a pal that has an equestrian artwork event, hook-up making use of the Jockey pub on line and advertised the girl tv show. Pamela Holstein

As somebody who mainly writes for a living, Twitter is a good way of getting feedback, supply customers also learn how to write more succinctly without ruining my meaning a€“ its as good as ages spent creating headlines for nationwide publications! Dan Thornton

Met men on Twitter, a gallery owner in Germany. It finished with a trip to Germany to check out their gallery in which he came over right here (UK) to generally meet with several designers that I mentor. Geoff Hall

I have had several circumstances in which I was questioned to speak or be interviewed after having developed a connection with some one on social media. Often, these relationships is forged through a variety of website comments and tweets.

We have done thousands of businesses with litigant that has been referred to me personally by a social media marketing communications who resides half-way across the world and whom You will find never came across face-to-face.

Im just one mommy, run my own businesses, a home based job, making up the rules when I go along. I am able to say, without a trace of doubt, that my companies would not be where it really is now without any help of men and women i’ve fulfilled via internet sites. Jamie Lee Wallace


Love it or detest they, with around a billion customers, it’s difficult to disregard Facebook. This is the network a€?normal’ anyone used to keep in touch with friends, which might allow just about appealing to creatives, based who you’re wanting to reach.

If you’re searching for business clients, then you will likely be best off networking on LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+. Together with proven fact that most people choose fb for social in place of company explanations indicates it may be of restricted industrial need a€“ although Natasha Wescoat is doing a great job of offering artwork on myspace, which shows it can be done.

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